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Visiting Our Offices


Due to heightened security measures, visitors will be required to show photo identification and undergo a security screening in order to enter either the courthouse or federal building. Please plan your arrival time accordingly if you are reporting for a court proceeding or other scheduled matter.

Please note, the following items are not allowed:

NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES (This includes cell phones, camera, iPods, iPads, Kindles, etc.) NOTE: Attorneys are allowed to bring these devices, including laptops, if they display a Bar Identification Card.

NO FOOD OR DRINKS (Including bottled water and other items not purchased in the building)


NO POTENTIAL WEAPONS OR ANYTHING THAT MAY BE USED AS A WEAPON (This includes knives, scissors, manicure sets, or other work-related tools.)

Should you have questions as to what is/is not allowed in the federal building, contact the office of the U.S. Marshal Service at 919-856-4153.